FMCC members who joined/renewed in April

Monday, May 1st, 2023

Welcome to our newest members who joined FMCC in April:
Shukri Habib with Qualiserv from Beirut, Lebanon
Andrew Zickell with SeekNow LLC from Plymouth, Massachusetts
Mark Policarpio with Thermaxx from New York, New York
Jim Angluin with Fractyl Health Inc. from Arlington, Massachusetts
Yingbin Cao from Beijing, China
Aaron Han with TL Group from Shanghai, China
Veronica Wang with TL Group from Beijing, China
Chongbin Liang from Hangzhou, China
Jun Zhang from Hangzhou, China
Jeyee Jin with TL Group from Shanghai, China
Lawrence Want with TL Group from Shanghai, China
Hassan Alhawsah with Hemodaylsis Center-NGHA from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Curtis Covington with The Buckley School from Los Angeles, California

And those members who renewed their FMCC membership in April:
Toji Oommem with Hazelview Properties from Edmonton, Canada
Peter Stroup with Harvard Medical School from Boston, Massachusetts
Waheed Quader with IITA (International Inst for Tropical Agrig. From Surrey, England
Alan Cribbet with Global Switch from Singapore
Shawn Cumberbatch from St. Michael, Barbados
Samuel Olan with Penobscot Support Services from Bel Air, Maryland
Cameron Oskvig with The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine from Washington, DC
Ty Fastovsky with Trascent Management Consulting Pte Ltd from Singapore
Abulaziz Aliu with Q Associates Limited from Kaduna, Nigeria
Hongshi Liu with Sodexo from Shanghai, China
Laurel Brooks with United States Golf Association from Liberty Corner, New Jersey

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