FM Consultants App

Monday, April 18th, 2022

Access a wealth of consultancy knowledge through IFMA’s Facility Management Consultant’s Council app.

If you have not downloaded the IFMA FMCC App or have not checked in for awhile – please check it out!

The FMCC App is for both iPhone and Android

A highlight of the FMCC App is the Consultant’s Corner. There you will find all of your FM consultant colleagues from around the world – easy to locate alphabetically – with each member’s country, position, title, accreditations and contact information. We also include a photo of the member and their FM focus. Please submit your photo and business line focus so we can add it to this feature. Email us at

Other features:

  • About FMCC: The executive, the mission and values and contact information
  • The Kit Tuveson Scholarship: information on the FMCC’s own scholarship program
  • World Workplace: information and registration link
  • IFMA link: An easy way to connect to the IFMA portal
  • FMCC Events: upcoming and past events

The FM Consultants App is available for Android and iOS devices, the app is free and can be downloaded from Google Play and the iTunes store.

Like all good apps, it will be continually updated to provide benefits to users. Your thoughts and recommendations are essential to make sure we adapt and enhance the app to remain relevant and useful to all individuals working within FM.

Remember, download the App and check in often!

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