AI two ways – What’s in store for FM?

Monday, May 15th, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is receiving plenty of attention. It should. AI is coming at society and the business world like a runaway freight train. Much of the notice concerns consequences. Misinformation by chat applications is already around. Near term job losses and economic debacles come up in conversation.  Loss of control as systems learn to write their own code is a prospect.
What can happen using inputs and outputs in ordinary human language with systems based on neural networks when generative abilities train on large language models and accept prompts and requests in business or personal contexts?  So far, applications that use volumes of writings as resources are impressive, but can be erratic as to accuracy, even making things up. This line of AI is not yet a suitable FM colleague, nor as sole agent for real time decision making in complex sensing and control systems rich with interactions and contingencies.
FM prospects for AI in the built environment are more positive, though in a different type of system, where AI learns from operating data. The environment includes a digital twin, networked sensors and controls, and ongoing human roles in development and training involving familiar FM applications. The twin can function in real time, making decisions and obtaining feedback in a model to evaluate and improve results. Human actors can systematically entrust the system to act directly in proven circumstances.
Development as sketched above is now feasible, using inexpensive, wireless sensors connected in low power local networks, joined into hubs, and conveyed to and from processor gateways. When we have data points in the thousands to monitor and analyze, whether for minute-to-minute control or time to time performance, machines and software can do the grunt work.
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