World FM Day – First Forum Session

Wednesday, May 11th, 2022

The FM Consultants Council of IFMA, FMCC, is now on the way to our second stopover (at 1:00 PM CDT) on a trip around the globe to take the pulse of FM. Discussion groups are meeting at 1:00 PM (1300) local time at three stops: May 11 at GMT +2 (just concluded), GMT – 5 (CDT), and, May 12, GMT + 12 (New Zealand time). At each stop, we host a small, ad hoc panel. Want to join in? No registration. Here is the link: Join Zoom Meeting:
At the first gathering five FM consultants from 5 nations kept up a discussion so lively that on a few occasions people had to raise their electronic (Zoom) hand to get in a comment. 
Concept and recognition – does “Facility Management” even translate well outside of English?  Yet FM has substantial impact on the amount and duration of expenses, as well as social and environmental values, from design onward. The value obtainable from facilities as organization assets is becoming understood, bringing attention to FM. In Slovakia and Czech Republic, local and EU policy and guidance have been gradual in acknowledging FM and supporting professional development per se. The role of FM, with its wide ranging practical and strategic outcomes, is becoming much more pronounced in the GCC nations and Egypt, where the pace is strong. IFMA activities in the regions and development of the ISO 41000 (FM) and 55000 (asset management) families are positive influences due their enabling of communication. 
Thanks, participants. Please look forward to suggestions from here for an article?  Others who see this post today, we have two sessions remaining. You are invited. The company will be lively. It always is.

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