Podcast 2015-07 Cost Center to Profit Center, Leadership and Business Management for Facility Managers

Thursday, June 4th, 2015


Chris Payne of FMCC interviews Geoff Williams and Nicole Lobb following their April 2, 2015 FMCC webinar.  Geoff and Nicole have adopted in their own organization a view of FM as a value adding business unit with a product to determine, budget, produce, market, and evolve. This postures FM as a small business, requiring constant assessment of revenues and expenses that reflect value to the rest of the organization.

Does this seem a stretch for FM, traditionally viewed as a cost center to be minimized, with attendant costs avoided? Perhaps, but advantages for FM and the organization accrue from adaptive, innovative, forward thinking and doing, where FM must realize, budget, and market what amounts to a product line that adds value.

The IFMA FMP core curriculum provides a knowledge base toward bringing about FM in this way, and widely available academic courses build and reinforce the concepts and practices to support an FM presence in organizational management.

soundLearn more and listen @ FM Consultants Podcast 2015-07 – Discussion by Geoff Williams (Canada), Nicole Lobb (Canada) and Chris Payne (UK)

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