World FM Day – Awareness for your Profession and your FM Department by Stephen Brown

Sunday, May 22nd, 2016


It is supported through GlobalFM, and the member organizations including International Facility Management Association (IFMA), FMAustralia, FM Association of New Zealand, British Institute of Facility Management (BIFM), Middle East Facility Management Association (MEFMA), South Africa Facility Management Association (SAFMA), Association of Brazil Facilities (ABRAFAC), and the Hungarian Facility Management Society (HFMS) as well as the combined members of EuroFM.

There will be events and activities scheduled throughout the period from July 11 to 15th to increase awareness and to advance knowledge of the professional facilities management industry.

There are two related topics I want to raise in this blog. The first is to share that the Facility Management Consultants Council (FMCC) is very busy to organize an informative series of webinars for World FM Day. These will cover a broad range of topics and will be scheduled in time-zones convenient to span the globe from late evening on 12 July to early morning on 14 July.

There are still some details and more programs to be confirmed, but it is anticipated that more than sixteen webinars will be available and they will contain some very diverse and relevant topics. You will not want to miss this opportunity

Watch your e-mail for detailed announcements that will advise the specifics of the presenters, the topics, and the schedule.

The second aspect of the blog also relates to World FM Day and you.

Consider the following …

  • It is estimated that GlobalFM represents more than 65,000 professionals.
  • Approximately 12% of IFMA training programs delivered are for persons outside the US.
  • The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates there are more than 127,000 persons employed in FM in the US.
  • The US BLS also indicates the industry will grow by more than 10% in the next five years.

Your involvement with IFMA (and FMCC) indicates your keen interest to further your knowledge and to advance your position within this industry. Your membership in the global body of FM professionals give you access to a huge collection of information and a strong network of fellow FM’ers. These resources are infinitely valuable to support the success you can attain. You are part of the growing industry of professionals…an industry that provides fundamental support for every significant business enterprise around the globe and that is noteworthy!

At times there are some contradictions in the field of FM. When we do our work well, our efforts are not noticed. The employees of the organizations we support often don’t recognize the complexity of our activities and the broad knowledge and skill sets required. We must think strategically and act tactically to deliver the services – even when there is little recognition for our contributions.

With this in mind, you should plan now to celebrate World FM Day in your organization.

This is your day to share what we do, the quality we aspire to achieve, and the ways we strive to improve our facilities. It is time to positively market the services and support provided by your FM operations.

There are many opportunities and possibilities to make this happen. The theme for 2016  is “Empowering people for a productive world”.

Related activities include:

  • Prepare a marketing campaign to make persons aware of the services and support your team offerings. If there are under-utilized services you offer, promote them.
  • Display posters to promote World FM Day and to give a strong indication that you and your team subscribe to the professional principles.
  • Encourage your FM team to participate in the events and activities that GlobalFM and other organizations offer. Increase their awareness of the FM industry.
  • Recognize the contributions of your team. Encourage them and promote ever-greater customer service/support. This is a super opportunity to recognize personal and team accomplishments.

World FM Day is the premier opportunity for you to display leadership and to project the meaningful contributions and results that your FM operations provide for the enterprise.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of a global celebration event. Make it count!

Stephen Brown

FM-adviso, Ltd.


After a successful beginning in US facilities management, Stephen Brown assumed a position with an international portfolio. As his career progressed, Brown held senior FM posts in the Caribbean, UK / Europe, and the Middle East. These included multi-site facility portfolios, organizational contracting / procurement, and project management responsibilities.

 After 20 years managing the built environment for both private and public sector organizations, Brown transitioned into consulting on facility strategies, condition assessments, service provision / operational efficiencies, administration, contract management, environmental matters, and emergency response / business continuity. Additionally, he facilitates IFMA and DRII credential training (formally qualified by these global organizations) as well as client-specific facility, health & safety, environmental, and staff development training programs.

 Brown earned an MBA after undergraduate work that combined studies in Architectural and Business Management. He serves on the IFMA International Credentials Commission and has also served as Subject Matter Expert in contributions to the IFMA CFM and FMP credential programs. Brown is adjunct faculty and has been published or cited in multiple FM-related magazines and journals and posts regular articles on FM topics via diverse media channels.

 Confirming his knowledge and experience, Brown has earned IFMA Certified Facility Manager®, Facility Management Professional®, and Sustainable Facilities Professional® credentials. He also holds Certified Plant Engineer, Master Business Continuity Professional, Registered Environmental Manager, and Certified Environmental & Safety Compliance Officer credentials.

 Past clients include Fortune 500 corporations, academic (universities and K-12), government, NGO’s, and volunteer activities. An avid SCUBA diver, he regularly contributes efforts to coral reef recovery and marine environmental awareness.

 FM-adviso is a founding partner in the multi-disciplinary GFMAGlobal Facility Management Alliance. This consortium of FM consultants facilitates broader strategic support for larger clients and projects of greater complexity.                                     

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  1. David Reynolds says:

    THIS will be quite an event!
    Not that all-nighters are as easy as when I was in school (yes, around the time of Copernicus, for those about to point that out), but with a little cat napping and the right coffee at the right time…
    This is a whole lot of FM knowledge (and celebrity ((- : ) in a short stay. Besides, the price is very reasonable.
    PS – if the full course isn’t entirely your inclination, the menu is a la carte.

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