Ricardo Crepaldi

Saturday, June 4th, 2016


Ricardo Crepaldi, MSc, Director, Crepaldi Representações e Assessoria Ltda.



Ricardo serves as Partner and Senior Director of Crepaldi Representações e Assessoria Ltda, where he’s responsible for directing the facility and sustainability management advisory and assistance in strategic business and customers operation activities.

Ricardo previously worked 23 years for the Boehringer Ingelheim (Pharmaceutical), AB-InBev (Beverage) and General Motors (Automotive), where he has provided facilities and environmental management and support services that shaped, improved and optimized the business environment with strong actions and leadership with direct actions in Latin America, Africa and Middle East. Working also together in strategic decisions and improvements for India, South Korea, China, US and Europe. Ricardo has as well more than 6 years in Academic area.

Ricardo joined IFMA in 2012, and in 2015 joined FM Consultants Council, actually he’s a chair of Strategic and Tactical Action Group and western hemisphere webinar coordinator (since late 2015) of FMCC.

He currently serves as the president of Brazilian Environmental Association Chapter, a general coordinator of Technical Chamber of Environmental and Climate Changes for Sao Paulo State of ABES, a vice-president of Facilities Manager’s Group and an advisor of Brazilian Facilities Association.

Ricardo’s credentials include two degrees in chemistry studies (Bachelor of Science and Academic field), a Specialist-level degree in environmental engineering, a Master of Sciences in environmental technology, an enhancement study in Controller and Business Administration and is Certified ISO 14000 auditor.

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