Gay Tuttle

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016


Gay Tuttle, CFM, FMCC STAG Chair & Independent Contractor at Samson Resources Company

Work Experience:
Ms. Tuttle has performed in a wide variety of Facility Management roles within the office environment; from support roles to leadership in the Oil and Gas sector, Financial Services, and in Mixed Use commercial real estate.   Move management and project experience includes a year long corporate headquarters buildout and relocation of 250 employees into 140,000 sq feet, and a 7 branch expansion of a regional credit union over 2 years in 2 states. As an independent contractor in the oil and gas sector, Gay led the relocation efforts of a multiphase remodel/restack in 2 states for 600 employees encompassing over 350,000 sq feet. 

Professional Certification: Certified Facility Manager (CFM) IFMA 2000
As a member of International Facility Management Association since 1991, Gay has been active in several chapters and councils; Chapter Secretary of Kansas City IFMA (1992), the Banking institutions and Financial Council, the Houston IFMA Chapter, the Corporate Headquarters council, and currently the Tulsa IFMA Chapter and Facility Management Consultants Council.

 Years Experience :   30+ years of Facility Management and Administration

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