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FM Consultants Podcast 2015-09 – Discussion by Paul Doherty (USA), Chris Payne (UK) and David Reynolds (USA)

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Post-Webinar Interview to the FMCC Webinar “The Velocity Of Workplace Innovation – Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, Infinite Data” – Paul Doherty and David Reynolds

Recorded on: April 30th, 2015

Paul Doherty, President, the digit group inc.
David Reynolds, CFM,FMP, Jackson Mississippi, USA (HOST/Interviewer)

Paul Doherty, chief executive of digit group, globally active technology intensive planners and designers of smart cities toward a sustainable, data and information rich, present and future, talks with Chris Payne and David Reynolds about the implications for facility managers. These are times where, on the one hand, buildings themselves are getting to a point where installed intelligence, makes operations increasingly effective in serving human occupants and FMs, while, on the other hand, some markets moving forward with concepts and practical applications at the same time may not be able to conveniently obtain basic supplies, like air filters. Challenging times.

Join in this 8 minute, far ranging conversation recorded as a follow-up to the FMCC webinar of the same Name.