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FM Consultants Podcast 2015-08 – Discussion by Ted Ritter (USA), Joachim Hohmann (Germany) and David Reynolds (USA)

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

Dr. Joachim Hohmann and Ted Ritter (of Germany and U.S. respectively) are partners in surveying of FM technology use and trends. On the date of this podcast, they presented a much longer FMCC webinar (archive available), detailing the background and implications arising from the subjects this brief interview.

What approaches can a consultant use to ensure value to a client over the life cycle of a technology? Prof. Hohmann focuses on the life cycle itself, as the hub of a project that introduces a critical technology, emphasizing that, at the present time, a technology should realize value promptly to meet a life cycle of approximately five years. Ted Ritter outlines the technical and organizational characteristics and trends making a short a life cycle feasible and desirable: cloud computing, viewing technology as an operating expense versus a capital expense, and pushing down technology decisions to business line managers. Despite globalization of technology, a consultant must be mindful of customs and expectations in the client’s country in guiding the project.

Series kickoff-a wide ranging view of FM consulting for all FMs

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

This is an interactive, wide ranging, ten minute discussion for all FMs. John Ringness and Markus Groll take the point of view of any facility manager in circumstances where a consultant may be of help. For the FM who has not used a consultant, or had an unhelpful experience with one, questions like what to do, what to ask for, where to look, what to expect, what will it cost, how to relate, and even why not simply obtain the required knowledge on the Internet… can confuse and discomfort. John and Markus deal with them thoroughly and responsively in this lively podcast. The critical theme of building trusting relationships, which will recur in the podcasts ahead, first arises here.

1) When should an FM Manager consider engaging with a FM consultant?
2) Once the FM manager realizes he/ she needs a consultant, how would they locate FM Consultant
3) How much would an FM Manager expect to pay an FM consultant for a project?
4) What are some terms and conditions FM Managers need to ensure are in the contract with the FM Consultant?
5) The internet has so much information on it, why would an FM Manager ever need to hire an FM consultant?
6) What are some main topics when a FM Manager should engage an FM consultant?
7) Which are some KPIs in order to measure the performance of an FM consultant?
8) How you can find out that the FM consultant is the right choice for your certain Problem?

The Panel:

John Ringness, SFP, MRICS, Vancouver, Canada

John Ringness was the Chief Facilities Officer of Kohinoor Group in Mumbai, India as well President & CEO of NEXT Facility Management Solutions, an international consulting practice, and a global FM Conference speaker. For the past 30 years John has held various leadership positions for multinational companies both in the profit and not-for profit service sectors such as Corporate, Academic, Healthcare, and Integrated Townships. NEXT Facility Management Solutions is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
John has a single focus: to assist companies and Facility Management Professionals in reaching their strategic objectives by multiplying the potential of existing assets (human, physical, and financial) and driving measurable, sustainable results. John is a professional member of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), a member of IFMA’s FM Consultants Council, serving as its President. John is a lifelong learner, having completed the Facility Management program at the University of Toronto, the Sustainability Facilities Professional designation with International Facility Management Association, a Professional Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and a number of other educational programs. IFMA utilizes John as a Subject Matter Expert in the development of their educational program, a member of the Indian Green Building Council, and serves on the Board of Directors of the new IFMA Chapter in Mumbai India. He also serves as the Global Liaison – India, IFMA’s FMCC.

Markus Groll, Architect BYAK, Frankfurt, Germany

Markus Groll, a registered architect & CEO isar1 AG, Germany, has been in the commercial design profession since 1988. As the founder and manager of companies in Germany, Jordan and the UAE, he has acquired a wealth of experience in architecture, construction and facilities management over the past 25+ years specializing in project planning and management in accordance with industry specific best practice standards. Working with major clients in a consultancy capacity, he has provided advice and expertise on all aspects of building construction and maintenance. Due to his IT affinity Markus has been also working with clients and companies to lead the implementation and configuration of CAD, BIM, CAFM, IWMS, IMMS and CMMS software applications. In 1999, he has established the IFMA Regional Chapter “Inn-Salzach” with the primary focus on informing about IFMA and facilities management best practice whilst securing new members for the IFMA. Markus was also the co-author of the German IFMA Planning & Project Management course and has been teaching that course for IFMA since 1998.

David Reynolds, CFM,FMP, Jackson Mississippi, USA (HOST/Interviewer)

David Reynolds is located in Mississippi, U.S.A. David is new to FMCC, a recent CFM, and an FMP since 2004. His background is in systems, project management, and consulting, in small companies serving a variety of clients and industries. He holds degrees in science, engineering, and allied health areas. He focuses on FM as organizations adopt asset management principles and practices following ISO 55000, where clear, visible, interactive, maintainable, process and risk models, data, and measurements can better frame FM in organizational strategies and objectives. Pro bono work includes construction, maintenance, safety, and health. David is also a member of the IFMA Environmental Health and Safety Council.

The FMCC Podcast Team:

David Reynolds – FMCC STAG Member as Podcast & Audio Coordinator
Shamo Mikayilov – FMCC STAG Member as Social Media Administrator, Webinar Administrator & Podcast/Audio Editor
Markus Groll – FMCC Board Member as Secretary & STAG Chair