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The Business Case for Capital Asset Management by James Reyes-Picknell

Sunday, April 3rd, 2016

Even where there is a high level of dependency on physical capital assets and poor performance, making improvements is a tough sell. We must be the translators of our technical ideas into financial terms for the consumption of those who approve the spending we need.

Sustainability Metrics: A Tale of Two Companies

Friday, October 9th, 2015

FM Consultants Podcast 2015-16 – Discussion by Alana Dunoff (USA), Lynn Baez (USA) and Chris Payne (UK), David Reynolds (USA) after “World FM Day Session 6”

Recorded on: June 10th, 2015

Chris Payne, CSS Consultancy & FMCC STAG Member

David Reynolds, CFM, FMP

Alana Dunoff, FMP, IFMA Fellow


“Sustainability Metrics: A Tale of Two Companies”

At the time of this podcast on World FM Day, Lynn Baez and Alana Dunoff had just completed a webinar entitled Sustainability Metrics, A Tale of 2 Companies, where they focused on transforming business and operations data into a sustainability framework that their clients welcomed for its clarity and value. Communication and culture are key, we FMs often say. But, while the client’s goal is sustainability, getting from the object (records and data) to objectives (what can the client accomplish, and how) requires technical understanding, cultural acceptance, and much more.

Alana Dunoff, Strategic Facility Planner, of AFD Facility Planning, an FMP and IFMA Fellow, is an energetic, enthusiastic, speaker, teacher, and admitted data geek, after 22 years of facility planning and management. She has served on the IFMA Board of Directors.

Lynn Baez, with 14 years experience in environmental science and FM, currently serves on the IFMA Board, and with Cushman and Wakefield. Lynn, a CFM, SFP, and FMP, brings steady and frank insight on working with the client organization, and about the increasing significance of global conventions and standards toward sustainability and asset management.

The Changing Workplace – How Academic Design Trends are Reshaping Place by Kay Sargent, Lisa Killaby and Greg Tew

Monday, September 28th, 2015

There has been a lot of focus on the changing workplace and the changing workforce. But change starts before we enter the workplace. Academic facilities are also changing today, as they need to meet the attributes of today’s students, just as workplaces are evolving to reflect a new breed of workers. And as these spaces… Read the full article »

FM Consultants Podcast 2015-10 – Discussion by Kit Tuveson (USA), Bill Conely (USA) and David Reynolds (USA)

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

FM Consultants Podcast 2015-10 – Discussion by Kit Tuveson (USA), Bill Conely (USA) and David Reynolds (USA)on “Communication in consulting Projects”

Kit Tuveson and Bill Conely condense a wealth of FM experience with consulting project communications into a few minutes of accurate and sharply focused guidance on a topic that can never receive too much attention. Bill begins by asserting that the consultant carries the load for project communication concerning every project member, activity, and development: current and future.

A consultant can never communicate too much, nor too well, nor receive too much feedback, even when progress is steady and uneventful – and especially when not. Staying positive doesn’t get the job done on its own, but nothing else works nearly as well without it.

How does a consultant know what, when, and whether project communications are working? Kit engages this question by collecting the communication tools available and dialog with the client as to which to employ, in what style, when, how, and how to make adjustments when needed. A client should experience a consultant as proactive and transparent, exceeding expectations in communication. Doing so stands against the hazards that hide in assumptions that work is going smoothly, on the way to the next milepost, and more after. Assume everything is fine until it turns out that it’s not? Bad idea. Communication is how you and your client will know what’s happening, and what to do.

You may notice the quality of Kit Tuveson’s voice is raspy. Kit was ill with cancer when he recorded this podcast in March of 2015. He has since passed away and we deeply regret his loss. We will always be grateful for his commitment to IFMA’s FM Consultants Council. We invite you to listen. In Kit’s typical fashion, he will lead you to enjoy and to glean something worthwhile.