Ask the Experts

FMCC members have been invited to share their knowledge through submissions of articles and specifically, Ask The Experts, in the FMJ.  This is an opportunity for members to highlight their expertise to the broader FM community.  The Ask the Experts topics generally follow the theme of FMJ for that specific publication.  However, as the topics of FM are so broad and many, the FMJ does not have a themed issue for every topic. The FMCC community is welcome to submit an article on any topic at any time. For example, if you consult in the area of Business Continuity Planning, FMJ would welcome an article at any time.  Or you may include sustainability in your Business Continuity Planning.

Ask the Experts requires between 300 – 500 words.  This is less than a page so will not be time consuming. Please give consideration to a submission.  These can be sent along with a short bio to  Please advise prior to the deadline that it is your intent to submit.

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Following are some of the past articles:

FMJ: March/April 2024 (pg 86-88)
Can standards guide your FM sustainability goals?
Author=Stephen Ballesty

FMJ: January/February 2024 (pg 86)
Do you want to make a decision or make a difference?
Author=Brent Ward

FMJ: November/December 2023 (pg 86)
Is an extreme weather event attributable to climate change?
Author=David Reynolds

FMJ: September/October 2023 (pg 142)
Is the future of work impacting your MAC team approach?
Author=Stephanie Brounstein

FMJ: July/August 2023 (pg 86)
Staying Sharp:Facility Management for the New Workspace
Author=Rupesh Lehane

FMJ : May/June 2023 (pg 102)
Are Facility Managers responders, planners or both?
Author=Kathleen Lausman

FMJ : November/December 2022 (pg 70)
Do you have a strategy plan and is that enough?
Author=Wayne Collins

FMJ : September/October 2022 (pg 135)
What is the hybrid workplace model?
Author=Wayne Collins

FMJ : July/August 2022 (pg 2)
We are considering constructing a new facility with a focus on sustainability.  How does mass timber contribute to meeting sustainability goals?
Author=Kathleen Lausman

FMJ : March/April 2022 (pg 86)
What functions will determine the form of the post-pandemic office?
Author=Richard Farnelli
FMJ : January/February 2022 (pg 70)
What is the benefit of a building loss factor analysis?
Author=Cindy Rodych and Trudy Blight

FMJ : November/December 2021 (pg 102)
Sustainability:What is it and why does it matter to Facility Managers?
Author=Kathleen Lausman and Trudy Blight

FMJ : September/October 2021 (pg 110)
Why IFMA designations and credentials
Author=Trudy Blight

FMJ : July/August 2021 (pg 104)
Upgrading visitor/access management systems, security and technologies
Author=Michel Theriault

FMJ : May/June 2021 (pg 104)
Are your capital projects painful or are you implementing a lean design and construction process to improve results?
Author=Kathleen Lausman and Trudy Blight

FMJ : September/October 2020 (pg 106)
What are the considerations for reoccupying college campus buildings required for lodging, instruction, study, and meals?
Author=James Delgado

FMJ : July/August 2020 (pg 94)
Real Estate and Space Occupancy
Author=James Delgado

FMJ : March/April 2020 (pg 94)
Knowing a department’s protocol is somewhat out of date, especially concerning disaster preparedness and business continuity, what do you recommend that the FM should do and in what order?
Author=Val Moraes