FM Consultants Podcast 2015-07 – Discussion by Geoff Williams (Canada), Nicole Lobb (Canada) and Chris Payne (UK)

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

IFMA’s FMCC: FM Consultant’s Podcasts
IFMA’s FMCC: FM Consultant’s Podcasts
FM Consultants Podcast 2015-07 - Discussion by Geoff Williams (Canada), Nicole Lobb (Canada) and Chris Payne (UK)


FM Consultants Podcast 2015-07 – Discussion by Geoff Williams (Canada), Nicole Lobb (Canada) and Chris Payne (UK) on “Cost Center to Profit Center: Leadership & Business Management for Facility Managers” – Geoff Williams, Nicole Lobb and Chris Payne

Recorded on: April 2nd , 2015

Geoff Williams, General Manager, Centre for Health & Safety Innovation
Nicole Lobb, Client Services & Facility Manager, Centre for Health & Safety Innovation
Chris Payne, CSS Consultancy ( & FMCC STAG Member as Social Media Coordinator. 


Chris Payne of FMCC interviews Geoff Williams and Nicole Lobb following their April 2, 2015 FMCC webinar.  Geoff and Nicole have adopted in their own organization a view of FM as a value adding business unit with a product to determine, budget, produce, market, and evolve. This postures FM as a small business, requiring constant assessment of revenues and expenses that reflect value to the rest of the organization.

Does this seem a stretch for FM, traditionally viewed as a cost center to be minimized, with attendant costs avoided? Perhaps, but advantages for FM and the organization accrue from adaptive, innovative, forward thinking and doing, where FM must realize, budget, and market what amounts to a product line that adds value.

The IFMA FMP core curriculum provides a knowledge base toward bringing about FM in this way, and widely available academic courses build and reinforce the concepts and practices to support an FM presence in organizational Management.

The Panel:

Geoff Williams
Geoff Williams is the General Manager at Centre for Health & Safety Innovation in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, where he is responsible for day-to-day operations, business development and corporate strategy development.
Prior to joining CHSI, he oversaw the development, implementation and marketing of a Web-based CAFM solution that is currently assisting the daily operations of a wide variety of health care facilities in managing more than 10 million square feet of property.
Geoff is on the IFMA board of directors, is the past president and current secretary of the I.T. Council of IFMA, and the past president of the Toronto Chapter of IFMA. In all of these roles, he supports the FM industry at large.
He is a graduate of the University of Waterloo’s School of Architecture, holding degrees in both architecture and environmental studies.


Nicole Lobb
Nicole Lobb is the Client Services & Facility Manager at Centre for Health & Safety Innovation. In her role, she is responsible for the operations and maintenance of CHSI, along with the fostering and development of tenant relationships. Nicole has a keen understanding of challenges faced by facility managers. Prior to joining CHSI, Nicole managed a team of solution providers offering customized, Web-based CAFM solutions to clients across Ontario, Canada. In that role she partnered with clients to develop solutions that provide them with the comprehensive and timely information they need to manage effectively. As a member of IFMA Toronto’s executive committee, Nicole is aware of key industry trends and issues, and combines this knowledge with an understanding of new developments, technologies and processes to provide FMs with solutions that are informed, innovative and practical.


Chris Payne, CSS Consultancy ( & FMCC STAG Member as Social Media Coordinator (Host/Interviewer)

Chris works in a consulting capacity to help facilities management providers embed more efficient ways of working within their delivery contracts. With a strong focus on innovation, he contributes to improvement activities through the development of frameworks, software systems and technology to capture and incorporate new ways of working that saves cost and enhances operations.
With over 25 years of experience working on the built environment, Chris has comprehensive insight into the construction and maintenance of facilities within a number of industry sectors, including: social housing, critical environments, defence estates, food processing and commercial office space. In recent years, through the successful delivery of consultancy projects, he has helped clients secure more profitable work by moving beyond standard delivery approaches to find new ways of adding value to facility end-users and occupants.
Based near Glasgow in Scotland, he travels extensively to support an international client base.

The FMCC Podcast Team:

DavidReynoldsChris PayneShamomgroll

David ReynoldsFMCC STAG Member as Podcast & Audio Coordinator
Chris Payne, CSS Consultancy & FMCC STAG Member as Social Media Coordinator
Shamo Mikayilov FMCC STAG Member as Social Media Administrator, Webinar Administrator & Podcast/Audio Editor
Markus GrollFMCC Board Member as SecretarySTAG Chair

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