FM Consultants Podcast 2015-06 – Discussion by Lloyd Richards Jr. (USA), Chris Payne (UK) and David Reynolds (USA)

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

IFMA’s FMCC: FM Consultant’s Podcasts
IFMA’s FMCC: FM Consultant’s Podcasts
FM Consultants Podcast 2015-06 - Discussion by Lloyd Richards Jr. (USA), Chris Payne (UK) and David Reynolds (USA)



FM Consultants Podcast 2015-06 – The coveted operations manager and project manager positions – you got there, now how do you measure your success and advance your career?

Recorded on: March 19th, 2015

Lloyd Richards Jr., President, JLR Events and Logistics LLC
David Reynolds, CFM,FMP, Jackson Mississippi, USA (HOST/Interviewer)
Chris Payne, CSS Consultancy ( & FMCC STAG Member as Social Media Coordinator. 

Lloyd Richards manages large and rapidly evolving projects as an independent consultant, where he has to establish and maintain an atmosphere of trust and calm from the beginning. At the close of an FMCC webinar on March 19, 2015, Chris Payne and David Reynolds double-teamed Lloyd to extract key points and sharpen his guidance toward taking stock of your performance as a consultant, and using the experience to obtain and improve further assignments. True to his theme, Lloyd easily handled our questions, calmly sketching the large and important subject of relationships in service of client and career

 The Panel:


Lloyd Richards Jr.
Lloyd Richards Jr. brings almost 20 years of unique facility and event management experiences.  He recently joined the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee and will be the lead on Operations and Logistics for Super Bowl LI in February of 2017.  In 2013 he was a member of the NY NJ Super Bowl Host Committee for Super Bowl XLVIII.  Richards created his own event consulting and management company, JLR Events and Logistics LLC, and has traveled the country managing events and facilities.  The various types of venues have included entertainment venues, stadiums, office spaces, and large temporary structures.  He has an MA in Organizational Communication from the University of Illinois.



David Reynolds, CFM,FMP, Jackson Mississippi, USA (HOST/Interviewer)

David Reynolds is located in Mississippi, U.S.A. David is new to FMCC, a recent CFM, and an FMP since 2004. His background is in systems, project management, and consulting, in small companies serving a variety of clients and industries. He holds degrees in science, engineering, and allied health areas. He focuses on FM as organizations adopt asset management principles and practices following ISO 55000, where clear, visible, interactive, maintainable, process and risk models, data, and measurements can better frame FM in organizational strategies and objectives. Pro bono work includes construction, maintenance, safety, and health. David is also a member of the IFMA Environmental Health and Safety Council.

processes to provide FMs with solutions that are informed, innovative and practical.


Chris Payne, CSS Consultancy ( & FMCC STAG Member as Social Media Coordinator (Host/Interviewer)

Chris works in a consulting capacity to help facilities management providers embed more efficient ways of working within their delivery contracts. With a strong focus on innovation, he contributes to improvement activities through the development of frameworks, software systems and technology to capture and incorporate new ways of working that saves cost and enhances operations.
With over 25 years of experience working on the built environment, Chris has comprehensive insight into the construction and maintenance of facilities within a number of industry sectors, including: social housing, critical environments, defence estates, food processing and commercial office space. In recent years, through the successful delivery of consultancy projects, he has helped clients secure more profitable work by moving beyond standard delivery approaches to find new ways of adding value to facility end-users and occupants.
Based near Glasgow in Scotland, he travels extensively to support an international client base.


The FMCC Podcast Team:

DavidReynoldsChris PayneShamomgroll

David ReynoldsFMCC STAG Member as Podcast & Audio Coordinator
Chris Payne, CSS Consultancy & FMCC STAG Member as Social Media Coordinator
Shamo Mikayilov FMCC STAG Member as Social Media Administrator, Webinar Administrator & Podcast/Audio Editor
Markus GrollFMCC Board Member as SecretarySTAG Chair

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