Podcast 2015-02, the business side: sustaining a consultancy and adding knowledge to the FM community

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015


Clear, responsive, communications are essential in a consulting engagement, from exploration to conclusion. Teena Shouse goes straight to the specifics of defining, performing, charging, and billing for services: from making responsive proposals, to scope, deliverables, and billing practices.  But why is the client confident enough to issue an RFP to begin with? Michel Theriault shows that knowledge growing from consulting projects (when not proprietary for the client) should be shared in the FM community. Does this seem a paradox, giving away hard earned information that confers a competitive advantage? Michel shows otherwise – that writing, publishing, speaking, exhibiting, presenting, teaching… all add business advantage to FM consulting and FM overall.

sound Learn more and listen @ FM Consultants Podcast 2015-02 – Discussion by Teena Shouse (USA), Michel Theriault (Canada) and David Reynolds (USA)

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