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Oppaset Security Consulting – new FMCC Sponsor

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

Art B. Crow Jr., President and Principal Consultant of Oppaset Security Consulting announced that Oppaset will became a sponsor to FMCC, supporting FMCC initiatives and programs.

President & Principal Consultant, Art Crow, founded Oppaset Security Consulting on the principle that today’s businesses have a need for a dynamic security consulting firm that can develop an integrated physical security program that brings together the technology, personnel and procedural guidelines that make up an effective physical security program. Having served 13 years in the U.S. Army Military Police Corps and 30+ years in civilian sector security, including director level and global security operations management positions across multiple industry sectors, Art brings the diversity and level of knowledge that allows Oppsaet Security Consulting to provide leading edge security solutions.

Oppaset Security Consulting provides a wide range of management consulting services to help their clients enhance their security programs.  Oppaset Security Services include:

Facility Security Assessments:
Site specific onsite assessments to identify physical security risks, assess existing conditions and provide documented recommendations for program enhancement.

Security Policy & Procedure:
Development of clear and concise corporate physical security policy and procedural guidelines. Procedures include response guidelines for routine and emergency events.

Electronic Physical Security Systems:
Systems assessment, conceptual design, RFP preparation and submittal review, project oversight, and final inspection and acceptance services.

Emergency Response Team (ERT) Development & Training:
Emergency action plan design, including documented incident\task specific emergency response protocols and flow charts, ERT training materials and ERT training presentations. Programs are designed to meet the requirements of 29 C.F.R. §1910.38 Occupational Safety and Health Standards, Emergency Action Plans.

RFP Development & Submittals:
Development of systems integrator and uniformed contract security service provider RFP’s, contractor submittal review and selection recommendations.

Marketing Your Security Program:
Development of employee security awareness training materials, and innovative ways to internally market the company’s security program to achieve maximum employee buy-in.

You can contact Art at Oppaset Security Consulting:
Cell:  317-471-9330
Member, IFMA Consultants Council
Law Enforcement & Military Liaison, ASIS-Indianapolis

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