ISO41000 Series in Brief, with Implications for FM Consultants by David Reynolds

Saturday, September 14th, 2019

This article focuses on ISO 41001, Facility management – Management systems – Requirements with guidance.

This article may sound unappetizing, difficult to consume, with little nourishment? It’s not. Though not exactly light and airy, ISO 41001 is deliberately edited, serving both brevity and completeness. I was able to read the whole thing, less than 50 pages, during several evening sessions on the elliptical trainer at the gym, the loose-leaf binder propped over the dashboard. It took me re-reading, of course, to get more familiar, but it is accessible and very well crafted.

ISO 41001 will be near the center of the FM galaxy for a long time. With that in mind, FM consultants can and should take the opportunity to relate the problems and projects that they take on and the results obtained to the standard. This serves their clients and themselves, building toward an industry and profession with limitless ways of conducting FM, as now, but guided by a single, necessary and sufficient source. A specific market for consulting will certification, already offered by consulting organizations in some regions.

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