#IFMAFMCC #WorldFMDay Live #Session12 by Stephen Brown “Start with a Spark” - Recap & Recording

Friday, May 20th, 2016

Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown

Recorded on: 
• Cayman Islands:          13.07.2016, 11:30 (11:30am)
• Houston:                         13.07.2016, 11:30 (11:30am)
• UTC:                                  13.07.2016, 16:30 (4:30pm)

Stephen Brown, CFM, FMP, SFP, CPE, MBCP, CBCP, REM, CESCO Principal/Consultant FM-adviso, ltd.



@IFMAFMCC #WorldFMDay Live #Session12 by Stephen Brown 

“Start with a Spark”
How to motivate your employees to show greater initiative, to do more and to achieve higher performance

Stephen Brown, CFM, FMP, SFP, CPE, MBCP, CBCP, REM, CESCO Principal/Consultant FM-adviso, ltd.


We have all found ourselves in the situation where we have employees who are under-performing…who are not realizing their potential…who are not adding the needed value to the FM operations and thus, are not contributing fully to the organization. They are just ‘getting by’.
The webinar presentation will quickly review historical models of management and motivation. Then, there will be more penetration into the concepts that trigger the sense of initiative. The contributing factors that shape emotional intelligence will be considered.
The presentation will propose the attendees take an ‘inward view’ of their management style and to consider how the team dynamics can contribute to the desired results.
Additionally, the webinar will share organized ideas about inspiration as a core principle of leadership and will expand to review other factors that build up employee desire to increase their initiative and participation. The basic concepts of reward and recognition and the power of obligation will be included in the topics covered.
The goal of the presentation is to aid the understanding of motivational factors for persons who have perhaps been challenged to get the best results from their work group.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the various aspects of management and motivation and how emotional intelligence factors into the employee outlook.
  2. Awareness of concepts that prompt individuals to embrace and to desire initiative. Includes the influence of team dynamics
  3. Understanding of core leadership elements and the aspects that stimulate employees to want to expand their participation and performance.
  4. Discovery of the influence and the various options of reward and recognition to drive attitudes and realize the positive changes.

Presenter(s) Biography:

Stephen Brown

FM-adviso, Ltd.


After a successful beginning in US facilities management, Stephen Brown assumed a position with an international portfolio. As his career progressed, Brown held senior FM posts in the Caribbean, UK / Europe, and the Middle East. These included multi-site facility portfolios, organizational contracting / procurement, and project management responsibilities.

 After 20 years managing the built environment for both private and public sector organizations, Brown transitioned into consulting on facility strategies, condition assessments, service provision / operational efficiencies, administration, contract management, environmental matters, and emergency response / business continuity. Additionally, he facilitates IFMA and DRII credential training (formally qualified by these global organizations) as well as client-specific facility, health & safety, environmental, and staff development training programs.

 Brown earned an MBA after undergraduate work that combined studies in Architectural and Business Management. He serves on the IFMA International Credentials Commission and has also served as Subject Matter Expert in contributions to the IFMA CFM and FMP credential programs. Brown is adjunct faculty and has been published or cited in multiple FM-related magazines and journals and posts regular articles on FM topics via diverse media channels.

 Confirming his knowledge and experience, Brown has earned IFMA Certified Facility Manager®, Facility Management Professional®, and Sustainable Facilities Professional® credentials. He also holds Certified Plant Engineer, Master Business Continuity Professional, Registered Environmental Manager, and Certified Environmental & Safety Compliance Officer credentials.

 Past clients include Fortune 500 corporations, academic (universities and K-12), government, NGO’s, and volunteer activities. An avid SCUBA diver, he regularly contributes efforts to coral reef recovery and marine environmental awareness.

 FM-adviso is a founding partner in the multi-disciplinary GFMAGlobal Facility Management Alliance. This consortium of FM consultants facilitates broader strategic support for larger clients and projects of greater complexity.                                     

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