#IFMAFMCC #WorldFMDay Live #Session11 by Ricardo Crepaldi and Francisco Abrantes “Importance of the facilities governance in the post-crisis" - Recap & Recording

Friday, May 20th, 2016

 Ricardo Crepaldi  Francisco Abrantes

Recorded on: 

  • São Paulo:           13.07.2016, 12:00 (12 pm)
  • Houston:              13.07.2016, 10:00 (10 am)
  • UTC:                        13.07.2016, 15:00 (3 pm)



Ricardo Crepaldi, Spec., B.Sc., L.Sc.; Sr Int. Facilities & Environmental Consultant; M.Sc. Student; ABES Bauru President; ABRAFAC Advisor
Francisco Abrantes, Executive/Managing Director Brazil at POWERTRON GLOBAL INC


@IFMAFMCC #WorldFMDay Live #Session11 by Ricardo Crepaldi and Francisco Abrantes 

“Importance of the facilities governance in the post-crisis”

“A importância da governança em facilities no pós-crise, ações e oportunidades”

by Ricardo Crepaldi, Spec., B.Sc., L.Sc.; Sr Int. Facilities & Environmental Consultant; M.Sc. Student; ABES Bauru President; ABRAFAC Advisor
Francisco Abrantes, Executive/Managing Director Brazil at POWERTRON GLOBAL INC

Facilities Managers are one of key members in the organizations. In the development economies crisis are common, but cyclical as always. In this crisis’s moments the FM’s decision is decisive for the company’s future in post-crisis when stabilized and return to grew up. How to prepare to this? As a FM we need to be read for the post-crisis period. This knowledge helps the company be more strong after crisis and grew up more than others company in the same market.

The second part of the presentation will be a discussion about other opportunities in FM world, like to work as a consultant, academic and others.

Visão Geral:

Os Facilities Managers estão entre os membros chave nas organizações. Nas economias em desenvolvimento as crises são frequentes, porem sempre cíclicas. Nestes momentos de crises as decisões do FM são decisivas para o futuro das empresas nos momentos de pós-crise quando estabilizam economicamente e retomam o crescimento. Como se preparar para esse momento? Como FM nos temos de estar prontos para o período pós-crise. Este conhecimento ajuda a empresa sair mais forte após a crise e ter um crescimento maior frente aos concorrentes do seu nicho de mercado.

A segunda parte da apresentação será uma discussão sobre as outras oportunidades possíveis no mundo de FM, como trabalhando como um consultor, dando aulas/treinamentos e outras possibilidades

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the crisis moment & post-crisis.
  2. Discuss the behavior of FM in critical company´s moment.
  3. Understand the importance to work in advance if you are thinking about post-crisis moment.
  4. Understand the other opportunities for FM that is possible to do inside FM world.

Objetivos de Aprendizado:

  1. Discutir a crise e o momento pós-crise.
  2. Discutir o comportamento do FM no momento crítico da empresa.
  3. Entender a importância de trabalhar previamente se você está pensando sobre o momento pós-crise.
  4. Entender as outras oportunidades para o FM que são possíveis dentro do mundo FM.

Presenter(s) Biography:


Ricardo Crepaldi, MSc, Director, Crepaldi Representações e Assessoria Ltda.



Ricardo serves as Partner and Senior Director of Crepaldi Representações e Assessoria Ltda, where he’s responsible for directing the facility and sustainability management advisory and assistance in strategic business and customers operation activities.

Ricardo previously worked 23 years for the Boehringer Ingelheim (Pharmaceutical), AB-InBev (Beverage) and General Motors (Automotive), where he has provided facilities and environmental management and support services that shaped, improved and optimized the business environment with strong actions and leadership with direct actions in Latin America, Africa and Middle East. Working also together in strategic decisions and improvements for India, South Korea, China, US and Europe. Ricardo has as well more than 6 years in Academic area.

Ricardo joined IFMA in 2012, and in 2015 joined FM Consultants Council, actually he’s a chair of Strategic and Tactical Action Group and western hemisphere webinar coordinator (since late 2015) of FMCC.

He currently serves as the president of Brazilian Environmental Association Chapter, a general coordinator of Technical Chamber of Environmental and Climate Changes for Sao Paulo State of ABES, a vice-president of Facilities Manager’s Group and an advisor of Brazilian Facilities Association.

Ricardo’s credentials include two degrees in chemistry studies (Bachelor of Science and Academic field), a Specialist-level degree in environmental engineering, a Master of Sciences in environmental technology, an enhancement study in Controller and Business Administration and is Certified ISO 14000 auditor.

Follow Ricardo on Twitter:

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MBA with a concentration in Financial Management from University of Dallas/IPEP Brazil, post degree in People Management and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

He was the President of GRUPAS – São Paulo Administration Benchmark Group in 2008. He is ABRAFAC – Brazilian Facility Management Association founder and its Financial Director (2005-2006), Vice Chairman (2007-2008), Chairman (2009-2010), Senior Board Chairman (2011-2013). Currently he is member of the ABRAFAC Senior Board.

He was also nominated to be member of IFMA BOD during 2011-2013 and currently member of Corporate Facility Council (CFC).

He is FAMU – Florida Agricultural Mechanical University Counselor in the Facility Management Graduation Program.

Current Responsibilities

As an Executive Director of Powertron Global Inc he oversees Brazilian operation, responsible for introducing nanotechnologies solutions to increase building energy efficiency focus on the HVAC equipment.

He has been also working in the consultancy sector, sharing his 25+ experience in the Supply Chain, Logistics, Administrative, Real Estate, Property&Facility Management areas in companies’ workshops, training, due diligence and so on.

He  has over 25 years of comprehensive experience in  the Pharmaceutical Industry, Health Care, IT Company, Oil&Gas, Mining, Call Center, Broadcast Company (TV and Radio complex), Financial including  Facility and Property Management, Real Estate, Supply Chain, HSSE and Construction areas.

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