#IFMAFMCC #WorldFMDay Live #Session10 by Mike Liddle "Outsourcing or Co-sourcing across borders and getting the best and more from your FM provider" - Recap & Recording

Friday, May 20th, 2016


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• London:          13.07.2016, 14:30 (2:30 pm)
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Mike Liddle, CFM, Senior Partner, Business & Facilities Maidenhead UK


#IFMAFMCC #WorldFMDay Live #Session10 by Mike Liddle

“Outsourcing or Co-sourcing across borders and getting the best and more from your FM provider”

byMike Liddle, CFM, Senior Partner, Business & Facilities Maidenhead UK


“Out sourcing” or as I prefer to call it “CO-sourcing” across National Borders is a process that requires a great deal of detailed analysis of the existing client and their locations and an understanding of what is capable of being provided by the new Service organisation. Out sourcing is seen by many as a means of saving money and passing responsibility and risk to the Service provider. A bit like passing a Rugby or American football ball to a new provider with no real co-operation or sharing. My experience has taught me that that the most successful transitions are indeed a detailed CO-operation by both parties bringing understanding and experience to make the transition happen to benefit the client, any transferred staff and the new provider. This way you will get the desired benefit from the new contractural arrangement.
You need to understand the risks on both sides, understand different country laws, practices, be able to interpret what is required in say, the US or UK to countries like the UAE or Nigeria,
The most important issue to understand and respect is the “Culture” of the various countries to be serviced as they will vary significantly.
Once a contact is mature it is possible to get much more from your Service Provider and many are skilled in providing “add on” services such as Project and Move management, CAFM or BIM provision, Security and Reception and not just the usual Mechanical and Electrical and a few “Soft Services”

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand what needs to provided and how to get this over to the FM provders so they can respond in the best poossible manner.
  2. Understand the risks and the timescales
  3. How you will deal with different legislation, conflict in Governance and service level provision which in many cases may be higher than provided at the moment.
  4. Understand what the differences in Culture are and what the impact these will have on the service provision. .

Presenter(s) Biography:

 Mike Liddle

Mike Liddle


CFM, Senior Partner, Business & Facilities Maidenhead UK

Mike runs Business & Facilities an independent Real Estate and Facility Management consultancy business operating in EMEA. His experience includes the control and co-ordination of multi-million pound projects involving all aspects of FM, Real Estate, Design and Construction of facilities in the UK and in EMEA.
As well as managing the merger of Merck Sharpe & Dohme and Schering-Plough in 17 countries he has specialised in large scale outsource programmes on an EMEA basis for companies such as AstraZeneca, Microsoft, Imation, Telefonica and Oracle.

Business & Facilities are founder members of Corporate Real Estate Advisors (CREA) and this partnership was set up to provide Pan-European or Global solutions delivered locally and to be a delivery mechanism for these services.

He served as President of IFMA UK, President of European IFMA and past President of IFMA’s global Facility Management Consultants Council and was a founding member of the BIFM International Special Interest Group.


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