#IFMAFMCC #WorldFMDay 2017 Recap/Recording #LiveSlot1714 by David Reynolds “O&M and H&S Collaboration in the 21st Century Workplace” live from USA

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Date / Time:

  • Jackson Mississippi/Houston: 16.05.2017, 18:00 (6pm)
  • UTC:  16.05.2017, 23:00 (11pm)

David Reynolds, CFM, MS, FMCC STAG West co-chair, Consultant, FM-CONSULT-CREATE and
Founding Partner at GFMA



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#IFMAFMCC #WorldFMDay 2017 #LiveSlot1714 by David Reynolds

“O&M and H&S Collaboration in the 21st Century Workplace” live from USA


Can health and safety (H&S) and operations and maintenance (O&M) work with one another to the benefit of both, without extra trouble, cost, and risk? Should they?

On the one hand, technology and business thought favor communications and collaborations that build organizational capacity and improve internal processes. On the other hand, workplace culture and perceived external requirements can be held up as reasons to keep focus narrow.

After a brief background, you will meet six people with successful, practical, ongoing, initiatives at O&M and H&S intersections. Each sets policies and makes decisions about O&M and H&S in working organizations. They are:

* Owner of a specialty architectural and artisanal glass fabrication & manufacturing business with field operations. The work involves chemicals, dusts, kilns, machinery, and working at heights. * Safety consultant in heavy construction, who develops cultures of health and safety in client organizations. * FM consultant who develops client personnel engagement and trust around safety and health. * Director responsible for condition assessment, planning, and energy related renovation of urban residential buildings and systems in disadvantaged areas. * On site safety consulting program director, instructor, and researcher in a public sector safety program. * Program lead realizing health and safety benefits consequent to renovations to improve energy performance, who also operates a program where practitioners to share knowledge and results.

Learning Objectives:

  1. 1. Sketch the background and influences that both join and separate O&M and H&S.
  2. Explore six real initiatives and experiences where O&M and H&S evolve together and identify the principles of their success.
  3. Point out promising FM areas for O&M and H&S collaboration.

Presenter(s) Biography:

David Reynolds, MS, FMP, CFM   linkedin_small

David is an independent Facility Management consultant located in Jackson, Mississippi, in the U.S. central Gulf region. His involvement in FM arose out of work in engineering, operations, and related technologies. He has a lifelong interest in how people experience the built environment and how the built environment hosts organizations and advances their purposes.  He began consulting in offshore oil field and inland marine transportation in the U.S. during the 1990s, building teams that streamlined and transformed production processes. He continued in technical operations and project management roles in the U.S. and Europe, concentrating exclusively in FM since joining IFMA in 2003. He earned the FMP in 2005 and the CFM in 2014.  He holds degrees in science, engineering, and allied health areas. He is active in the IFMA FM Consulting Council. His pro bono work concerns safe and healthy housing, workplace safety, environmental health, and key process design and measurement. He served in the United States Coast Guard.  David Reynolds is a founding partner in the multi-disciplinary GFMAGlobal Facility Management Alliance. This consortium of FM consultants facilitates broader strategic support for larger clients and projects of greater complexity.

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World FM Day 2017 – The FMCC Event Team:

Ondrej-1Teena ShouseDavid ReynoldsJoshua AmosStephen Brown

Ondrej Strup, IFMA FellowFMCC Board Member as Secretary
Teena Shouse, IFMA Fellow – FMCC Board Member as President-Elect
David Reynolds – FMCC STAG 1st Co-Chair and Podcast & Audio Coordinator
Joshua Amos – Component Liaison at IFMA

Markus GrollFMCC Board Member as 1st Vice President & STAG Liaison
Stephen Brown – Past FMCC Membership Coordinator

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