IFMA FMCC Membership Coordinator Stephen Brown: “The word of the day is movement”

Monday, May 18th, 2015


By Stephen Brown (FM-adviso, Ltd.) & FMCC STAG Member 07 May 2015.

“The word of the day is movement”

Time again to engage and contemplate in the context of the FM Consultants Council. The word of the day is movement.

As a noun (and with all due credit to, this word has origins in Medieval Latin and evolved in France and England late in the 14th century. Whilst there indeed are some variances in use, we’ll focus on just a few of the primary ways the word is used in current English language as it relates to FM consultancy.

  1. theact, process, or result of 
    1. Consultants thrive on ‘staying busy’… delivering results on current projects, networking to develop resources, marketing the brand, and looking for the next opportunity. We are persons of action who delve into the processes. Whatever the condition, we are confident that it can be improved or enhanced.
  1. aparticular manner or style of 
    1. The members of this group have their foundations in Facility Management in general, and IFMA in particular. The style is professionalism and is enhanced with a goal to expand the recognition and respect in the Industry. Our shared interests in the amazingly diversified portfolio that is FM brings us to the IFMA organization, but it brings us together in FMCC.
  1. a series of actions or activities intended or tending toward a particular end – i.e. the movement toward increased Council participation.
    1. The FMCC Board is leading STAG (Strategic and Tactical Action Group) to ever expand the communications, the resources, member focus, and knowledge so we all can improve {Do you remember the Three Pillars of FMCC?}
  1. the course, tendency, or trend of affairs in a particular 
    1. Specialty consultants are champions for their respective areas. Whether BREEAM, LEED or other regional or national programs, energy efficiency consultants share the common goal. Other areas of specialty and FM generalists share that same commonality of purpose toward continuous improvement. Our variety in specialties provides balance of viewpoints, harmony in processes, and supplements the tools the facilities require.
  1. a diffusely organized or heterogeneous group of people tending toward or favoring a            generalized common goal: the FMCC!
    1. Whilst this meaning appears similar to #3, let’s focus here on the terms ‘diffusely’ and ‘heterogeneous’. FMCC is approaching 300 members in countries around the world.
      1. Diffusely should be thought of as ‘spread across a wide area and incorporated into other areas of focus’.
      2. Heterogeneous references to the diversity represented in our ranks.    ‘Vive la différence’ while we work to the common goals.
  1. the working parts or a distinct portion of the working parts of a mechanism.
    1. Maybe you have taken a watch mechanism apart. If you did, it is likely that you were amazed at the precision and intricacy of the works. Before the advent of electronics, the watchmakers were among the most skilled of craftsmen. This is the context for our goal; to contribute to FM so the facilities run like the ‘proverbial Swiss watch’… extremely reliable and accurate, delivering results without extra adjustment.

There was a question raised in #3. Did you know the answer?

FMCC ‘Three Pillars of Service’are “Knowledge Sharing, Networking, & Business Opportunities”. Your movement contributes to FMCC movement. Together we can make positive changes.

You are already engaged in various aspects of movement as a member of IFMA and FMCC.         Give thought to how this can expand.

Participate, Contribute, Be Engaged, Communicate, Sponsor, Mentor, and then do more.

LEARN                 –                 CONNECT           –                  ADVANCE

Where are you going with your movement?

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The FM Consultants Council announces the appoinment of Stephen Brown as Membership Coordinator.  As a member of the Strategic and Tactical Action Group of the Council, Stephen will engage the members to maximize the participative value and the mutual benefits gained from the Council involvements.

Stephen is principal with FM-adviso, Ltd. and is on assignment based in Saudi Arabia.

 For information, contact Stephen Brown
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