Evolutionary change-The FMCC Board of Directors 2015/2017 by Stephen Brown

Saturday, June 27th, 2015

Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown

By Stephen Brown (FM-adviso, Ltd.) & FMCC Membership Coordinator on 27 June 2015.

Evolutionary Change…
By definition, evolution relates to a gradual and progressive change. The Facility Management Consultant’s Council (FMCC) leadership structure is a good example to illustrate this concept.
In the first instance, the majority of the Board serves a term of two years. This provides a sufficient period of time for the officers to become comfortable in their role and to incorporate strategies with a deliberate pace. They can also ensure there is adequate options for feedback and input from the membership.

Stephen Brown: “Evolutionary change”

Next, the Board structure includes a President-Elect as a strategy of succession planning plus the immediate Past President remains engaged with the Board to ensure a continuity of representative ideas and focus programmes.
This structure ensures there is stability and consistency – even as new members of the Board are elected and bring their own fresh concepts and new focus to the group. This does not at all imply that any member of the Board will lose excitement as time passes. It is simply akin to how a chef prepares a favorite stew. Each pot of the stew is a bit different because of a few flakes of herb or a different cut of meat, or even the amount of time the pot simmers with the combined ingredients. Each pot is just a little bit different than the time before. The more creative chefs will consider how they can take what is good and make it better. ..not for arbitrary change, but slight adjustments to reflect the tastes of the diners.

Nurturing the FMCC organization

The Board will lead the organization in response to the direction charted by the membership. As visionary leaders, they will guide change that reflects the broad diversity of the constituents, the varied skills and services we deliver, and the vast differences of the facilities we support.
These members of the Board are also your representatives. But they are not clairvoyant. They require your inputs to ensure that your interests are represented. As members, we must communicate with them and also to participate in various programmes to ensure our voices are recognized and understood.
FMCC has developed a number or resources for your benefit.
• FMCC App (available from i-Tunes or for Android)
• White Papers
• Podcasts and Blogs
• Consultant’s Tips
• Scholarship Program
• Webinar Library
Your participation can be as a ‘consumer’ – that is to make full use of these resources, OR your participation can be as ‘contributor’ – by helping expand the offerings. Your involvement helps nurture FMCC and guide the future.

Congratulations to the incoming Board

The FMCC election results were announced this week. Hopefully, you have already received this info. For 2015-2017, the Facility Management Consultants Council membership have elected a very capable leadership team that includes:
• President Val Moraes
• President-Elect Teena Shouse
• 1st Vice President Markus Groll
• 2nd Vice President Elizabeth Dukes
• Secretary Ted Ritter
• Treasurer Suzanne Rosipayla
The transition will be smooth and the advancement of the Council will continue the growth and enhancements that benefit both the membership and the industry. This group will take the legacy and the dynamics of the previous Board and continue to expand the service and support structures. We offer best wishes along with the congratulations as they will lead FMCC to ever progress and advance. Thanks and best wishes are also extended to the Past President John Ringness whose direction has brought FMCC to new recognition and prominence in the IFMA family of councils.

Thanks to you – the Members

It was your votes that communicated your trust and delivered the mandate to the Board to represent your interests. You considered the options and you acted in your interests and supporting your ideas for the future of FMCC. That is hugely important. By voting, you took ownership in the direction of this organization. For this, it is appreciated that you took the action.
Now the call is issued for you to increase your participation. Aside from what was included in above ‘Nurturing’ section, you are encouraged to SUPPORT THE BOARD.
• Let them know their time and efforts are appreciated
• Let them know your views on FMCC direction
• Volunteer your talents and time
Take the time and make the investment for your benefit


Bloggers Bio:

Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown, CFM, FMP, SFP, CPE, CBCP, CESCO, REM CEO, FM-adviso, Ltd.

After a successful career in stateside facilities management, Stephen Brown assumed a position with an international portfolio. Since that time, Brown has held senior posts in the Caribbean, UK/Europe, and the Middle East. After more than 20 years managing the built environment for both private and public sector organizations, Brown founded FM-adviso to support organizations with specialist and credentials training in addition to consulting on operational efficiencies, outsourcing, policies and procedures, contract management, environmental matters, and emergency response / business continuity.

Brown earned an MBA after undergraduate work that combined studies in Architectural Technology and Business Management. Qualified as a trainer for IFMA and DRII credentials programs, he has been published and has been an instructor for other environmental, emergency response and disaster preparedness training programs.

For more than eight years, exceptional studies have been applied to refining two key facility assessments – IAQ (indoor air quality) and Business Continuity Management.

Active in IFMA program development activities, Brown has earned IFMA Certified Facility Manager®, Facility Management Professional®, and Sustainable Facilities Professional® credentials. He also holds Certified Plant Engineer, Certified Business Continuity Professional, Registered Environmental Manager, and Certified Environmental and Safety Compliance Officer credentials.

With more than 25 years managing and advising on the built environment for corporate, public, and academic settings in the US, Europe, Caribbean and Middle East, he has a diverse background of successes to draw from.

Recognized as a Subject Matter Expert in the field of Facilities Management, he has contributed broadly to professional credentials and certification programs.

In parallel, Brown has devoted efforts toward Disaster Planning, Emergency Response, and Business Continuity activities as well as keen attention to environmental matters, energy conservation, and to maximize efficiency in all aspects of the delivery of Facility Management services.

Credentials and Certifications held include:
- Certified Facility Manager
- Facilities Management Professional
- Sustainable Facilities Professional
from International Facilities Management Association

- Certified Plant Engineer
from Association for Facilities Engineering

- Certified Business Continuity Professional
from Disaster Recovery Institute

- Registered Environmental Manager
- Certified Environmental & Safety Compliance Officer
from National Registry of Environmental Professionals

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