FMCC President’s BLOG – March/April 2022

Monday, March 7th, 2022

We at the IFMA FMCC are fortunate to have a growing membership despite the challenges we have faced with the pandemic and other uncertainties. The FMCC Board recognizes the importance of engaging with our members and continually adding value.

We are very pleased to now launch our Member Help initiative – now detailed on our website ‘Member Help‘. ‘Member Help‘ is FMCC members helping other FMCC members with guidance and advice. Not only our consultant members can respond, but also our associate members too, depending on the inquiry. Please have a look at this new program on our website at the link above or under ‘Resources’ ‘Member Help‘ on our webpage.

We are also planning an annual Town Hall Event to be held around World FM Day – this year on May 11. More details of this event will be provided soon and we hope you can take part.

As a final comment, we are also fortunate at IFMA FMCC for having members around the globe; this is reflected in the 7 Regional Directors covering 6 continents that participating with the FMCC Board along with 1 Global Liaison.

We recently added Stephen Ballesty as our Regional Director for Australasia. Stephen has a long history with IFMA and is a leader in the industry. We have also added Mario Qian as the Regional Director for China. Mario too has a considerable background with IFMA; We are delighted to welcome both!

Today, FMCC global membership is represented by the following Regional Directors:
· Michael Liddle – AFRICA
· Ricardo Crepaldi – SOUTH AMERICA
· Karla Reid – MIDDLE EAST
· David Reynolds – NORTH AMERICA
· Stephen Ballesty – AUSTRALASIA
· Mario Qian – CHINA
Along with our Global Liaison – Val Moraes.

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