IFMA FMCC Membership Coordinator Stephen Brown: “It is a great day!”

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015


By Stephen Brown (FM-adviso, Ltd.) & FMCC STAG Member. 02 April 2015.

It is a great day!

This is the beginning of expanded activities from the offices of the IFMA Facility Management Consultants Council Membership Coordinator.

It is an exciting time… The Membership Coordination Office (MCO) has new initiatives that have already commenced with a ‘soft start’. This communication is the first ‘broadcast’ from MCO to inform you what you can expect.

The FMCC Leadership has expanded focus to add more value for the members – and all is aligned with the IFMA credo of LEARNCONNECTADVANCE.

Kindly review the below segments to learn what to expect as FMCC advances the membership campaign.


As new FMCC members are confirmed from the IFMA offices, MCO will distribute a ‘Welcome Pack’ that includes a welcoming letter from the FMCC President, Mission and Vision statements, identifies the Board of Directors, provides link to the Consultants Directory, and more! This program is the ‘soft start’ referenced prior.

> FMCC values your membership and wants you to become quickly integrated into the Group.


The IFMA liaison office provides information about your membership renewal dates. This information is used to provide you gentle reminders to renew and to continue your participation in FMCC and in the parent IFMA organization.

FMCC is only as strong and worthwhile as the members.
>> The value you gain from participation will pay dividends!


For both the ‘new member welcome’ and ‘existing member reminder’ communications, an information page will be provided with request for you to complete and return. The returned document will also include a section you can complete to authorize yourself or your organization to be featured in a future MCO communication. This highlight of your office/organization is a new means to expand your network of contacts.


Also included in the Welcome Pack is a short introduction to STAG – the Strategic & Tactical Action Group of FMCC. The active leaders in this Special Interests Group coordinate FMCC activities including webinars, podcasts, white papers, FMCC scholarships, marketing, promotion, and more. Watch for communications originating from STAG units and take full advantage of the benefits of FMCC Membership.


FMCC is becoming more keenly focused on membership retention. The adage about “strength in numbers” is appropriate for organizations like FMCC. The Membership Coordination Office will be following up to understand why persons might decide to let their membership lapse.

Thanks for taking time to review this quick send.
The FMCC Leadership has expanded focus to add more value for the members – and all is aligned with the IFMA credo of LEARNCONNECTADVANCE.

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The FM Consultants Council announces the appoinment of Stephen Brown as Membership Coordinator.  As a member of the Strategic and Tactical Action Group of the Council, Stephen will engage the members to maximize the participative value and the mutual benefits gained from the Council involvements.

Stephen is principal with FM-adviso, Ltd. and is on assignment based in Saudi Arabia.

 For information, contact Stephen Brown
Skype – FM-adviso


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