World Workplace Europe ’22

Date(s) - 06/01/2022 - 06/02/2022

FM for a sustainable future

What will it take to achieve sustainable, long-term growth for our facilities? To meet urgent climate objectives and European Green Deal initiatives takes circular, clean, carbon-neutral action. To support a hybrid workforce takes a flexible, experience-driven approach. To maintain resilience and agility takes technology-enabled business transformation. To further engagement and growth takes focusing culture on innovation, inclusivity and positive impact.

Our industry is essential to creating and operating environments that can meet modern demands, adapt to rapid shifts and withstand future disruption. World Workplace Europe explores the expanding skillsets, adaptable mindsets and digital toolkits necessary to sustain our facilities, our people, our careers and our planet.

The in-person event will take place at a very unique and inspiring event location at The Hallen Studio’s in Amsterdam.