World FM Day-Women Consultants and Clients Managing the Built Environment

Date(s) - 05/12/2021
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

In connection with World FM Day 2021, May 12 (North America date), FMCC will host Women Consultants and Clients Managing the Built Environment, four virtual gatherings at 4:00 PM (1600) local time in separate global time zones. You may attend any and all sessions.
Meet at 4:00 PM (1600) for the cities shown:
4:00 PM Vancouver, Canada and San Francisco, U.S.
4:00 PM Singapore – Beijing, China – Perth, Australia
4:00 PM Prague, Czechia – Cairo, Egypt – Gaborone, Botswana
4:00 PM Sao Paulo, Brazil – Halifax, Canada

· FM where you work – selling FM and promoting ourselves
· ISO Standards and International credentials – changing FM expectations for women
· Viewpoints and experiences of women consultants and clients
· Careers in FM – women, the FM pipeline, and how to build the future

How to Participate:
Membership in FMCC or IFMA is not required. You may register to attend any or all sessions.

Click on link(s) below to register for any or all webinars:
Western Americas (Vancouver, Canada – San Francisco, US TZ)
Asia/Pacific (Beijing, China – Perth, Australia TZ)
Middle East/Eastern Europe (Prague, Czechia – Cairo, Egypt TZ)
South America/Eastern North America (Sao Paulo, Brazil – Halifax, Canada TZ)


Join in Producing, Working groups are convening now in the following capacities:
· Online technology and live session hosting
· Programs
· Outreach, promotion, and linkage with World FM Day
· Admin – registration, confirmation, correspondence
· Financial and organizational sponsorships

To join or help in any way, please contact FMCC Immediate Past President David Reynolds.