Ask the Experts July/August edition

Date(s) - 04/29/2022

July/August edition
Articles due – Friday, Apr. 29, 2022
Subject = Sustainability
• Building and budgeting a long-term sustainability plan
• What FM can learn from implementing sustainability mandates
• Energy efficiency and fiscal responsibility
• Crafting your O&M plan to meet sustainability goals
• Waste solutions for green goals
• Creating sustainability buy-in from the C-Suite to the ground floor
• Why go green?
• What’s next in green tech?
• Weather or not – weather proofing and preparing for your climate
• The Paris Agreement — what comes next/how to comply/working within its parameters
• Biomimicry

FMCC members have been invited to share their knowledge through submissions of articles and specifically, Ask The Experts, in the FMJ.  This is an opportunity for members to highlight their expertise to the broader FM community.

Ask the Experts requires between 300 – 500 words.  Please send your submission along with a short bio to  Please advise prior to the deadline that it is your intent to submit.