2019 IFMA Inaugural Education Congress Nominations

Date(s) - 08/02/2019 - 08/14/2019

Opportunity for IFMA Leadership

Laurie Gilmer, IFMA 2nd Vice Chair, is convening the 2019 IFMA Inaugural Education Congress at World Workplace on Friday morning, October 18 . Participation will be exciting and move quickly. FMCC would like to nominate a Council member to work with other IFMA members similarly nominated toward  “… ideas that challenge the status quo and introduce thought-provoking concepts…” around FM education.

If you are attending World Workplace and wish to be nominated, or can recommend an FMCC member, please express your interest and include a resume’ by August 14 to secretary-fmcc@fmcc-ifma.org
Questions?  president-fmcc@fmcc-ifma.org cc  joshua.amos@ifma.org

For additional information click on Call for 2019 Education Congress.