Strategic Management

FMCC goals, on behalf of our clients, ourselves, and our profession, are to:

  1. Present a ready source of competent, experienced, and versatile consultants in every region where IFMA is present.
  2. Promote and support the success of our members through guidance and professional development, networking, information sharing and communication.
  3. Advance the visibility and value of the FM consulting profession as a career path.

These are in keeping with the FMCC vision of consultants as a strongly preferred resource for practicing FMs and executives or bodies with FM responsibilities. The FMCC mission follows – to work with clients to bring better solutions more reliably and economically than possible by any other means.

The strategic management diagram clarifies FMCC priorities. At this time, the second goal mainly drives FMCC strategy and its management.



The diagram of four levels represents four perspectives:  at the top, members. Next, the perspective of financial resources and their management. Another level down shows FMCC internal processes to acquire funding and guide its use. Finally, the foundation perspective is of capabilities and capacities to validate and support the processes above.

Perspectives demonstrate the need to balance resources, time, and energy, for each supports and/or draws from others. The approach is central to Balanced Scorecard for strategic management, adopted by FMCC and widely used throughout IFMA and the World. The diagram is high level, the top management tier. Each capability, process, and result shown entails elaboration.