Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Dated: January 1st, 2014
Updated: January 15, 2015, March 16, 2015


The FMCC is the resource and voice for Facility Management Consultants worldwide to leverage our collective expertise to benefit IFMA members, and the Facility Management profession.


To serve as a global Facility Management consultants’ resource and representative for Knowledge Sharing, Networking, and Business Opportunities in support of our impact upon the built environment, and value to our clients.

Strategic and Operational Goals for 2013/2015

(Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2015)

Board Focus


    1. Confirm FMCC Vision and Mission Statements – Aug. ‘13
    2. Increase the Board term to 1 + I year from current practice of 1 year term. – Aug. ‘13
    3. Create a FMCC Dashboard to monitor councils monthly performance – Aug. ‘13
    4. Establish Strategic Plan for 2014 – Oct. ‘13
    5. Define Terms for Volunteer Key Leadership Positions – Oct. ‘14
    6. Identify leadership chairs for each of the respective FMCC Special Interest Groups (SIG) i.e. Membership, Professional Development, Sponsorship, and Marketing. – Nov. ‘13
    7. Align with IFMA initiatives such as “Sustainability”, “FM in the City” – ongoing
    8. Explore Research and White Paper Initiatives – May ‘14
    9. Increase BRIC representation – ongoing
    10. Launch Strategic and Tactical Action Group (STAG) – Sept. ‘14



Goal – Identify, access and engage FM Consultants as a dynamic, valued and influential community within IFMA and the facilities industry at large. 

1. Stem the erosion of FMCC Membership and ignite growth.

a) Communicate monthly with new, renewing and dropped members to secure their commitment and involvement.  (October 2013)

b) Identify prospects and capture new members by inviting current IFMA members who are active in committees, chapters, councils and programs who have a high affinity for FMCC’s vision, mission and programs.  (March, 2014)

c) Incorporate FMCC membership solicitation (Join – Engage – Succeed) with all FMCC initiatives and programs. (Refer to Marketing, Professional Development, Sponsorship)

d) Create a search capability for councils within IFMA membership directory (same functionality that chapters enjoy), so that council rosters is broadly accessible for cross-solicitation by councils (expand access channels).  (February, 2014)


2. Provide the Board and Leadership Teams with the pulse of the membership by mining and managing and reporting on source data to profile FMCC’s constituencies (who we are), interests (concerns and priorities) and trends (short/long-term requirements and potentials).   (Implementation Plan, March 2014; Mobilization, June 2014)

a) Gather and decimate membership roster for dashboard – monthly

b) Analysis on composition of membership – (June, 2014)

•   Geographic patterns

•   Practice modes/business models (consultancy, internal, service/contractors, etc.)

•   Specialties / Subject Matter Expertise

•   Modes of collaboration / sourcing

c) Special quarterly or annual surveys on member participation, satisfaction, retention, etc.- annual (July – December, 2014)

d) Launch FMCC App – March 2015


3. Increase level of member participation and development of future leaders:

(October-December 2013 – Develop Membership Team)

a) Solicitation and outreach in renewal communications – monthly

b) Identification of high-potential members through surveys and communication

c) Referral of members to leadership teams and global liaison cadre.

Professional Development

Goal – To facilitate professional development opportunities for both our FMCC memberships and in a limited way, to external potential customers, who may require a professional FM consultant.


    1. Facilitate webinars – Monthly
    2. Develop activity process to engage members – Nov. ‘13
    3. Develop written documentation to assist consultants in setting up their FM consulting practice – Jan. ‘14
    4. Launch Virtual Conference – Jun ‘15


Goal – To obtain the necessary financial sponsors to enable the FMCC Board to launch the various initiatives required to enhance our membership experience.


    1. Develop activity process to engage members – Nov. ‘13
    2. Create and launch an FMCC Sponsorship Plan – Nov. ‘13
    3. Ensure the Council’s commitment to the sponsors is carried out. For example, the webinars contain the relative and timely marketing information for our sponsors – monthly
    4. Obtain required annual sponsorship dollars – Dec. ‘14


Goal – To ensure the message of FMCC is delivered in new, consistent, relevant, and fresh ways.


    1. Liaise with all FMCC Special Interest Groups (SIG) i.e. Marketing, Sponsorship, and Professional Development Teams to ensure their strategic objectives are clearly and effectively marketed – ongoing
    2. Develop activity process to engage members – Nov. ‘13
    3. Launch the FMCC TV station (webinars) – Dec. ‘14
    4. Establish a consistent presence in the FMJ magazine i.e. “Ask the Expert” – Jan.’14
    5. Ensure the Consultants Directory effectively serves all stakeholders – Jan. ‘14
    6. Refresh the FMCC website at least once per month – monthly
    7. Launch FMCC Newsletter – Commencing Jan.’14

Global Liaise

Goal – To increase the awareness, value proposition, and increase FMCC Membership in their respective global zones.